Method of Study


These courses are post-secondary, non-degree programs that are delivered online through our Center for Professional Studies and Continuing Education (CPSCE).

The student selected to participate in the program will need to be able to communicate in English and have English, reading, and writing skills. Each course module, for example, has threaded discussions that will require the students to generate written responses in English.

Each student will have their own personalized and individual course access for the subject being taught in which they will do their work.These courses are facilitated by an Academy instructor, delivered over the internet, and are supported by different types of learning materials. Each course is made up of 5 units, and each unit is typically composed of reading assignments, a moderated discussion forum, and a self-test. The course’s final examination is taken after its units are completed, and a score of 70% or higher must be obtained in order for a student to pass.

It is also expected that the students will progress through the program as a cohort group with all of them enrolled in the same course at the same time as they progress through the program together. In progressing through the program, it is expected that the students to each complete at least one unit in the course each week to include all of the readings and associated assignments. Because there are five units in each course, the students would complete a course in five weeks and then move on to the next one.

Example of a course unit to be covered in 1 weeks’ time  

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