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ProFTraining Finland Ltd

ProFTraining Finland Ltd is a finnish company that was founded in 2015. We are specialized in providing solutions for wellbeing and energetic life. Our concepts are developed by experienced physiotherapists and sports professionals. Concepts provide tools for training, body care and rehabilitation and those are targeted to professionals within wellbeing industry, athletes and consumers. 

People behind ProFTraining Finland:

Anne Puranen is well known physiotherapist in Finland. She has long experience in myofascial training as concept developer, trainer and instructor. Anne is one of the leading specialists in Finland in therapeutic exercising.

Raisa Varsta has long career in marketing from retailing to global branding. In the recent years Raisa has been educating marketing professionals at Metropolia University in Finland as a senior lecturer and head of degree programme.

Atte Varsta has long experience in marketing and business management as well as international business. Past 6 years Atte has been a serial entrepreneur from Motorsport management to printed electronics and wellbeing business to marketing communications.

Vilma Romppainen is a marketing coordinator in the company. Vilma has studied business and marketing in University of Applied sciences and besides that wellbeing and sports are important things to her.

We also have our international website. For example you can find our FasciaMethod Instructor Course in english from there:


FasciaMethod combines myofascial mobility training, dynamic stretching directed to specific stiff myofascia, movement control training and fascia manipulation with a trigger ball. The aim is to rehabilitate musculesceletal dysfunctions. FasciaMethod is suitable for all individuals who wish to improve their physical performance and wellbeing. 


ProMethod is a training program for individuals to optimize movement control, mobility and performance as well as to support other training activities. It is easier to plan training programs for customers and follow up the training routines with the digital tool, Sportyplanner. The purpose of the consept is to understand muscle support and activation during movement. 


PowerMethod is an exercise consept that focuses on building performance by using functional, myofascial training methods. The aim is to build general strength and muscle endurance as well as learn proper performance techniques. Warm-up and cooldown includes dynamic mobility training (FasciaMethod). Strength training section includes dynamic exercises directed to the whole body to build muscle strength, movement control and mobility. 

International Sports Management Certification program

The Finnish Varala Sports Institute and Proftraining Finland have formalized an agreement and will partner to offer sports management training programs. Their first venture will be an International Sports Management Certification program which was developed in conjunction with United States Sports Academy (USSA).

Read more: https://varala.fi/international-certification-in-sports-management/

Our concepts in United States Sports Academy (USSA)

United States Sports Academy has launched our three consepts in their university. Now anyone can study FasciaMethod, PowerMethod and ProMethod through the online courses in English. These are the first Finnish sports concepts that has ever been launched at an American university.

Varala Sports Institute is the oldest sports institute in Finland. It is a nationwide training and education center for elite sports, exercise science, rehabilitation, and physical training. The institute is located on the beautiful lake of Pyhäjärvi in Tampere. For more information, go to www.varala.fi.

United States Sports Academy (USSA) is a private, non-profit, regionally accredited university located in Daphne, AL. It is a special mission sports university whose mission is to prepare men and women for careers in the profession of sports. USSA offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees as well as many continuing education certificate and certification programs. For more information, go to www.ussa.edu.

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